About JYR DAR Information about the company

The company are holding a sincere practical the principle of excellence to deal with the principle of prudence



Since established, our company works with sincere and practical manners, always taking our customers as top priority and striving to achieve excellence.

For these years, we continuously endeavor to enhance technical levels and upgrade equipment. We provide comprehensive products for precise moldings from small to large for high productivity, as well as normal moldings for domestic sales and exports. We also have injection factories to produce plastic products for customers for domestic sales and exports.

We are specializing in producing precise JIS or DME moldings in high hardness and high productivity for domestic sales and exports. We also produce parts or assembled products for customers for domestic sales or exports.

Business Scope & Business Item

Business Scope

  • 1. Domestic sales and exports: design and manufacturing of precise moldings for plastics and bakelite
  • 2. Domestic sales and exports: productions of plastics and bakelite
  • 3. Surfacing of product: painting, printing, and laser engraving
  • 4. Assembly of parts

Business Item

  • 1. Parts and products for automobile, motorbike, yacht, and water motorcycle
  • 2. Parts and products for optical fiber communication and mobile phone
  • 3. Parts and products for electronics and computer
  • 4. Parts and products for medical equipment and business equipment
  • 5. Designs and developments of products and parts

ISO9001 certificated in 2002

TS16949 certificated in 2010 for Fuzhou Factory